Searching for a new job…

I write in my head so much of the time and to be totally honest, that’s pretty pointless. I’m still reading (sort of) but my BIG focus just now is simply finding a new job. A new job. A good job, even my ideal job and I don’t imagine that searching in the first couple of weeks  of a new year is the ideal time to do it – but when is? I am ready. I feel ready like a keen child about to begin their first day of school, I want to work. I want to earn. I want to excel…I would love a new job – does anyone know of one I could do — about straight away? I’m looking for retail employment. A career that burns in my veins because I’m dying to simply get started. I can work in any department store – in Glasgow. Any chain store in Glasgow and make the management proud of me as an employee as I’ll make lots (and lots) of money through my customer care and carrying out the company policies.

All the time, as well as relying on my instincts, I’ll be using the skills outlined in James Reed’s book PUT YOUR MINDSET TO WORK. I think that book of business skills to “Win and keep the job you love” That what I want and I’m trying to do just as it says in the book. I wonder if anyone  else has hints or tips in how to find a new job to keep the wolves from the door ?                





About kirstenmcaleese

I run, I write- especially on poetry right now. I'm passionate about reading. I cook and I love to blog and learn how to improve doing the things I love as well as meeting other people with different interests. I also love music and finding new music which is more of a challenge now than it used to be but I'm up for new bands, going to gigs and just listening.
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