A Message to Cashiers

Hello again,

I’m sorry I have not blogged anything for more than a week now, just trying to pull my act together. However, tonight I would like to share another poem with you that I plan to include in my pamphlet of poems inspired by my student days working in a frozen food shop. I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on my writing.


Kirsten 😉

A Message to Cashiers

(Further variation on the William Carlos Williams poem The Red Wheelbarrow.)

so much depends


a red carrier


with a slogan on

each side

to hand to


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Still searching fot THE job I really Need to Win and Keep

Hi again,

it’s been a long few months searching for that elusive job. Ever since I bought James Reed and Paul Stoltz book and have been trying, really trying to find my ideal job.

I have met countless people (well maybe not countless, in fact if I looked at my records I could probably work out who they all are fairly easily,) updated my CV several times then decided the best thing to do is to go back to all of the ideal stores where I can imagine having a job I really would be devoted to, to share my new CV with them. Surely it’s no bad thing to turn up and share a bit of myself so potential employees have a good idea of what a dedicated sales person, adviser, customer service devotee I am.  The truth is, I love working. I love being useful and one thing I hate is being idle. That just doesn’t suit me.

That is one of the reasons why I have taken on 5 part-time volunteer jobs in charity shops. I love it so far. I learn loads every day and can meet tons of interesting customers. I need to work, but crucially I’m afraid, I still need to earn like everyone else to pay the bills. Pity nothing is free at the end of the day because otherwise I’d work for free because I do enjoy the action of working – in shops, with the public, selling or informing or refunding, I love it.

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Searching for a new job…

I write in my head so much of the time and to be totally honest, that’s pretty pointless. I’m still reading (sort of) but my BIG focus just now is simply finding a new job. A new job. A good job, even my ideal job and I don’t imagine that searching in the first couple of weeks  of a new year is the ideal time to do it – but when is? I am ready. I feel ready like a keen child about to begin their first day of school, I want to work. I want to earn. I want to excel…I would love a new job – does anyone know of one I could do — about straight away? I’m looking for retail employment. A career that burns in my veins because I’m dying to simply get started. I can work in any department store – in Glasgow. Any chain store in Glasgow and make the management proud of me as an employee as I’ll make lots (and lots) of money through my customer care and carrying out the company policies.

All the time, as well as relying on my instincts, I’ll be using the skills outlined in James Reed’s book PUT YOUR MINDSET TO WORK. I think that book of business skills to “Win and keep the job you love” That what I want and I’m trying to do just as it says in the book. I wonder if anyone  else has hints or tips in how to find a new job to keep the wolves from the door ?                




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Seasons Greetings – whatever you do this coming fortnight…



Eventually, after a great deal of change – and I know there will be much more to come – I’m back blogging. I still call myself a writer (amongst other things I do) but not recently any blogging, more polishing poetry and editing a novel while considering  

I hope all is well for everyone that visits here – possibly to do with the season or perhaps it’s simply chance – but I do want to wish you season’s greetings. Probably that is because it is a holiday for you, a time for family, presents and food, and hopefully a jolly good time. For me, for the first time in years, I’m actually not on holiday, my choice of course – I’m a sucker for retail and the hours during holidays, such as the Christmas extravaganza are huge in selling and bringing customers through the door, offering a fabulous atmosphere, as well as the expected BIG reductions prior to January, or simply post Christmas SALES. I find I’m better as an adviser and saleswoman than a punter or a customer. I wonder if we are born into these roles or if some people simply learn to love shopping. 

I’m planning more writing for next year, including bringing back my Work in a Cold Place poems and introducing more into my site. Now that I’ve changed my job, I’m realising more and more how reliant we all are on our own businesses and so many of our employers are actually our clients and customers. It’s pretty enlightening seeing things from the other side where I am not simply a consumer now. It’s a big responsibility and requires a good bit of planning and meeting people to deliver the best possible products and service. Wow, things look entirely different for me from last year. I’m going to be back and more regular blogging than ever before but I am interested to know – what do people do at Christmas nowadays? Who do you want to spend time with a this time of year? Where do you plan to go and how do you imagine this year will be compared to previous Christmas (holiday) times? 

(I’m working from 7am but I really plan to relax a little bit after that with some mulled wine and mince pies(s). It will be delightful a time with my hub and I.)

Have fun! 😉

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Reading Like Mad Now – Helps the Writing (I’ve Heard)


Sing You HomeSing You Home by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book overall because the characters seemed plausible on the whole and the story really was a story – well rounded and enjoyable. There were characters and incidents in the book that I really didn’t like. In my opinion this is a good thing because it makes you think, it gives you an emotional reaction like any good film or stirring piece of music. I took this book out of the library because was already on loan so I thought I would try Sing You Home . I would recommend this book for an enjoyable story but probably not if you are after a cheery quick read.

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I’m including some book reviews I’ve written but to be honest,I don’t always review every book I read. I wonder if anybody does. Anyhoo, I’m reading a lot and writing some new poems and editing my novel I wrote during NanoWrimo last year.

I wonder if other people have published their writing from NanoWrimo last year? I also wonder if other writers/ fans of wriitng have plans for the next NanoWrimo – it’s less than a month until it starts again. I have an idea but I’ve yet to write it down…


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Road to Recovery

I have been absent from the world for a good few weeks – no blog, no work, little of anything. I wish it was because I was on holiday but, unfortunately, it’s because I have been ill. I’m still recovering, but I have to say: I hate being ill. It makes me feel so weak as a person and everything can easily pass me by. However, not for much longer, I’m coming back to do normal things from eating to working and, after such a long absence (I wanted to say break but that has more positive connotations than reality could permit)

I’m reading again — I haven’t really been able to do much of that lately while I’ve been unwell but I’m getting there, slowly but surely and one thing I do have just now is time to invest in better writing and less moaning about being unable to do things. I’m thinking positively again and am getting ready to start a new area in my life — I don’t want to waste it. And I always say – everything is part of a writer’s experience.

I wonder if other people have tales of recovery and becoming re-aquainted with a world they once took for granted?

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Kirsten McAleese Writing

I’m sorry I’ve been absent from the world of Blog for so long but I have found myself so busy with my job of late that I have had no time for blogging and a lot of normal routine things like checking (and sending) emails that are not work related. Because I am not working today I want to make the most this day and catch up with myself. Do other people do that? I always feel better once I’ve caught up with myself and know everything is where it should be.

On thing I found today was an email sent to me on Saturday (almost a week ago – my God), was an interview I hope I can include here. It’s called A Story a Day (in May) and although I’m only finding out about it now, I know I want to take part (if I can do it…

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