Seasons Greetings – whatever you do this coming fortnight…



Eventually, after a great deal of change – and I know there will be much more to come – I’m back blogging. I still call myself a writer (amongst other things I do) but not recently any blogging, more polishing poetry and editing a novel while considering  

I hope all is well for everyone that visits here – possibly to do with the season or perhaps it’s simply chance – but I do want to wish you season’s greetings. Probably that is because it is a holiday for you, a time for family, presents and food, and hopefully a jolly good time. For me, for the first time in years, I’m actually not on holiday, my choice of course – I’m a sucker for retail and the hours during holidays, such as the Christmas extravaganza are huge in selling and bringing customers through the door, offering a fabulous atmosphere, as well as the expected BIG reductions prior to January, or simply post Christmas SALES. I find I’m better as an adviser and saleswoman than a punter or a customer. I wonder if we are born into these roles or if some people simply learn to love shopping. 

I’m planning more writing for next year, including bringing back my Work in a Cold Place poems and introducing more into my site. Now that I’ve changed my job, I’m realising more and more how reliant we all are on our own businesses and so many of our employers are actually our clients and customers. It’s pretty enlightening seeing things from the other side where I am not simply a consumer now. It’s a big responsibility and requires a good bit of planning and meeting people to deliver the best possible products and service. Wow, things look entirely different for me from last year. I’m going to be back and more regular blogging than ever before but I am interested to know – what do people do at Christmas nowadays? Who do you want to spend time with a this time of year? Where do you plan to go and how do you imagine this year will be compared to previous Christmas (holiday) times? 

(I’m working from 7am but I really plan to relax a little bit after that with some mulled wine and mince pies(s). It will be delightful a time with my hub and I.)

Have fun! 😉


About kirstenmcaleese

I run, I write- especially on poetry right now. I'm passionate about reading. I cook and I love to blog and learn how to improve doing the things I love as well as meeting other people with different interests. I also love music and finding new music which is more of a challenge now than it used to be but I'm up for new bands, going to gigs and just listening.
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