A Day Off

I’m sorry I’ve been absent from the world of Blog for so long but I have found myself so busy with my job of late that I have had no time for blogging and a lot of normal routine things like checking (and sending) emails that are not work related. Because I am not working today I want to make the most this day and catch up with myself. Do other people do that? I always feel better once I’ve caught up with myself and know everything is where it should be.

On thing I found today was an email sent to me on Saturday (almost a week ago – my God), was an interview I hope I can include here. It’s called A Story a Day (in May) and although I’m only finding out about it now, I know I want to take part (if I can do it during my holidays? I have a whole load of writing ideas up my sleeve…that would be another welcome writing project) I have no intention of wishing my life away or planning so much for the future that I miss NOW but I would like to share that video interview and write tons more.

A Story A Day 

My poetry project – ‘Work in a Cold Store’  is  still in progress, not quite complete yet but it will be, and I intend to post poems on my blog and announce when the book is ready. I’m looking forward to it and hope other people will enjoy it too.

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Baby Magpie

I know the title gives the game away entirely but I was really taken with the boldness of this baby bird standing on the grass at the back of my tenement building. Nothing was protecting it an it must have wandered away from its new nest in the bush behind where it stood.

I always find the way animals – birds in particular –  do things by instinct without too much fuss.  A few weeks ago I had seen the parent birds flying to and from the tallest tree in the row of gardens to build a nest. That was only after rushing at and and eventually warning off, the squirrel which lives in the row of gardens. These same parent magpies have been seen to run after and chase away cats (I thought it would be the other way around) in order to protect their nest and general territory. This morning I saw these parent magpies feeding their open mouthed baby bird on the grass in the garden without too much concern about other animals, let alone humans. THey were lucky to be alone with their baby. After a few short flights away from the baby I noticed they must have coerced their baby into the bushes behind the washing line where maybe they could feed their baby with the protection and privacy of a bush. Quite lucky no kids or cats were about this morning but I still imagine the parent magpies would stand up to any threats.

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A Message to Cashiers

Hello again,

I’m sorry I have not blogged anything for more than a week now, just trying to pull my act together. However, tonight I would like to share another poem with you that I plan to include in my pamphlet of poems inspired by my student days working in a frozen food shop. I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on my writing.


Kirsten 😉

A Message to Cashiers

(Further variation on the William Carlos Williams poem The Red Wheelbarrow.)

so much depends


a red carrier


with a slogan on

each side

to hand to


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A Quiet Square in Belgium has a Dramatic Surprise

A Quiet Square in Belgium has a Dramatic Surprise.

Hope you enjoy this – I loved it when I received this link on Facebook. ;-D K

via A Quiet Square in Belgium has a Dramatic Surprise.

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A Quiet Square in Belgium has a Dramatic Surprise

Hope you enjoy this – a wee change from my poetry.

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Petty Pilfering

Although I’m going to include some poems on this blog which will later form part of the forthcoming pamphlet Work in a Cold Store, I would like to emphasise that the subjects and characters in all of the poems are entirely fictitious. On saying that, certain people and situations are oddly inspirational and because much of the setting is inside a frozen food store sometimes it may seem familiar like your local supermarket or frozen food shop. Perhaps even the characters remind you of people you have seen or heard of too… I hope you enjoy them and please comment. I’d love to hear your opinion.  K 🙂

Petty Pilfering

 I walk in,

head held high thinking,

“This serves you right.”


I open my bags,

sweep the shelves


as I flick the fingers

in my mind.


They stop stacking the shelves

to stand astounded

as I wave goodbye.


Nobody stops me.

They think I’m joking.

That I’ll be back to laugh.


This time

the joke is on them.

They should be thankful,

they’ll never see me again.





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