Road to Recovery

I have been absent from the world for a good few weeks – no blog, no work, little of anything. I wish it was because I was on holiday but, unfortunately, it’s because I have been ill. I’m still recovering, but I have to say: I hate being ill. It makes me feel so weak as a person and everything can easily pass me by. However, not for much longer, I’m coming back to do normal things from eating to working and, after such a long absence (I wanted to say break but that has more positive connotations than reality could permit)

I’m reading again — I haven’t really been able to do much of that lately while I’ve been unwell but I’m getting there, slowly but surely and one thing I do have just now is time to invest in better writing and less moaning about being unable to do things. I’m thinking positively again and am getting ready to start a new area in my life — I don’t want to waste it. And I always say – everything is part of a writer’s experience.

I wonder if other people have tales of recovery and becoming re-aquainted with a world they once took for granted?


About kirstenmcaleese

I run, I write- especially on poetry right now. I'm passionate about reading. I cook and I love to blog and learn how to improve doing the things I love as well as meeting other people with different interests. I also love music and finding new music which is more of a challenge now than it used to be but I'm up for new bands, going to gigs and just listening.
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