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I’m sorry I’ve been absent from the world of Blog for so long but I have found myself so busy with my job of late that I have had no time for blogging and a lot of normal routine things like checking (and sending) emails that are not work related. Because I am not working today I want to make the most this day and catch up with myself. Do other people do that? I always feel better once I’ve caught up with myself and know everything is where it should be.

On thing I found today was an email sent to me on Saturday (almost a week ago – my God), was an interview I hope I can include here. It’s called A Story a Day (in May) and although I’m only finding out about it now, I know I want to take part (if I can do it…

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About kirstenmcaleese

I run, I write- especially on poetry right now. I'm passionate about reading. I cook and I love to blog and learn how to improve doing the things I love as well as meeting other people with different interests. I also love music and finding new music which is more of a challenge now than it used to be but I'm up for new bands, going to gigs and just listening.
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